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How to Get Started in a Drop Servicing Business

Most people are shifting online to seek several services. This is something you should take advantage of if you want to earn more. You can try drop servicing. It is all about getting work from clients and outsourcing to other freelancers. Dylan Sigley created a course on drop servicing, which you can check out to understand better how it works. This type of online venture is easy to set up.

Unlike other businesses that require capital and different forms of documentation, you can easily start a drop servicing business. You first have to look for a niche to specialize in before setting up your website. This requires less from you. You don’t have to wait longer to start counting more profits in drop servicing.

After setting up your site,drop servicing you should market it to attract more clients. With time, you will attract several of them and start recording your first profits. You will also enjoy flexibility in the drop servicing business. The nature of this kind of work makes it easy for you to work from home or any other environment you wish. There are several things you should do to get started in this kind of business. They include:

Look for the Right Experts

You should look for the right persons who will offer the work standards required by your clients. A perfect example is when you are starting a writing service. You will get a lot of clients who need content for their blogs or websites. In this case, you need to ensure to have experienced writers on your side to offer top quality service. This is essential in drop servicing because it will ensure you retain your clients and attract more.

Understand Your Field Better

There are a lot of things you can do online. This particular field offers a wide range of opportunities for those who wish to try out any online venture. Whatever area you choose to specialize in, you should ensure you understand how everything works. This will help you make the right decisions. You will attract more clients and retain them as a result.

Create a Strategy

You should develop a strategy that will make you stand out in the drop servicing business you are offering. There are many people in the online field, so you have to be unique to stand out and keep up with the already existing competition. Study your competitors and your field to develop strategies that will help you make more in drop servicing.…


Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Agency

Just like other marketing trends, it is vital to note that SEO changes quickly. Thousands of brands are investing heavily in search engine optimization, and they are likely to continue investing in the future due to its benefits. If you are looking for a local SEO firm, ensure that you research and find the right factors you need to consider. The following guides will help you to choose your next SEO agency.

Determine Your SEO Goals

search engineIf you are looking for SEO services, you need to start by identifying your goals or knowing the right type of agency to help you. First, you should start by identifying the right areas or sections where you need improvements. That is why online entrepreneurs and other site owners should begin with a digital marketing competitive analysis. It will help you understand specific areas that need improvements and know the right agency you need to hire.

Conduct Thorough Research

The next step in this process is to conduct thorough research. Make sure that you spare your time and gather all the relevant information about SEO services. You need to note that you need to consider tons of data when conducting your research. Get reliable and top-rated sites that can offer you with the right info that will help you to make an informed decision. When you get a reputable and dependable agency, it will supply you with the information you want.

Know the Strategies they Use

When you are looking for a local SEO firm that should satisfy your SEO needs, make sure that you take your time to discover their use techniques. It is one of the ways you will get proof of how effective an agency is. Also, a professional SEO company should be willing to show you how good they are at a specific job.

They Should Have Excellent Communication Skills


Another factor that you need to consider when hiring an SEO agency is excellent communication skills. You need to schedule a call and send emails to feel them out. Doing this will help you to know whether you are dealing with a legitimate company or not. It is advisable to ensure that you work with or hire a company whose workers have excellent communication skills. Note that working with poor communication skills will lead to poorly done work, especially on your business website. Therefore, settle with an SEO agency that has experts with excellent communication skills.…

Drop Servicing: How to Start This Online Business

More and more enterprising individuals are trying out their luck in drop servicing. Drop servicing is an online business wherein you find clients who are in need of particular services and provide these services by outsourcing from other service providers. You gain by marking up the asking price of the service provider. This is an immensely profitable business if you learn to master the trade.

But how can you get started? Here are some tips that you can follow to help you put up your drop servicing business.

Learn from the Experts

Drop servicing is a new business model that you may not find in old printed books. If there are, they may be hard to find. An easier option is to search the internet for tutorials offered by reputable personalities in the drop servicing business. One of them is Dylan Sigley, who has a podcast show that teaches about how anybody can make it big in the drop servicing business. Dylan Sigley offers a marketing course. Our review of his podcast is that you should listen to Dylan’s podcast yourself to get a good opinion.

The advantage of podcast programs is that they can be interactive. You can always ask for clarifications or leave your questions on their websites so they can be answered in the next episode. Honestly, you will be able to learn all the things you know in online classes brought to you by experts like Dylan Sigley.

Choose the Service You Want to Sell

You may not want to be the jack of all trades. You may choose related services and never include services that you are not familiar with. Even if you will not be the one who will be doing the job, it is important that you know how it is done. By doing so, you can gauge if the services given by the service provider you contracted is of high or low quality.

Find Qualified Service Providers

You must have at least two service providers that you can tap every time there is an order. Never stop looking for other service providers and test their skills because there may be an outburst of orders, which may be hard to fulfill. This part can be challenging and costly as you may have to buy their services at first.

Create an Exceptional Website

If you have to hire someone to create the best website, then you should. That is, of course, if you do not know how to do it. A website is your online sales representative, so it should be complete, entertaining, interactive, and, most of all, convincing.

After all of these, you may have to go back to what you have learned from the expert on how to strategize to ensure the success of your drop servicing business.…


The Relevance of Using Proper Keywords for SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a popular strategy that can elevate your business to greater levels. Different strategies used in this digital marketing method help to drive traffic to your business website. Those running business websites stand to benefit a lot from SEO. The use of proper keywords is one of the best strategies to drive traffic to your site. These are words that most people type in search engines when looking for specific items or websites. You should look for the best keywords to have a successful SEO campaign.

Keyword research is one of the things you should do. It is all about looking for keywords that will help boost the search results of your website. There are different tools you can use to look for the best keywords. Most of them are free and will give you suggestions for some of the popular words that can match the niche of your website.

keyword useYou should also look at different online platforms that will help you understand some of the popular keywords to boost the search results of your website. Avoid keyword stuffing if you want your site to rank top in various search engines. Using one keyword more than the required number of times can affect your SEO results. Utilizing the right keywords can benefit your SEO campaign in several ways which include:

Reach Your Target Audience

You might have an audience you are targeting in your SEO campaigns because of the products you are dealing with in your business. Using the right keywords can help you reach out to them easily. What you should do is proper research that will help you know some of the popular terms to use. This is vital for your SEO campaign.

More Traffic

Properly optimized keywords also help generate more traffic to your website. Those making searches related to what you are dealing with using some of the keywords you have used will come across your website. Many will flock to your site, and this is vital in boosting your rankings.

Increased Sales

keywordsProper keywords attract more traffic, and you can also reach your target audience easily. They will visit your website and have an idea of what you are selling. The kind of traffic you get when you utilize this strategy can be translated into sales. Use the right SEO keywords to enjoy these benefits.…

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Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. With video marketing, video mailers, video displays, video brochures, and video postcards are used for marketing various products and services. You can use this strategy to increase sales and the website’s organic traffic. You can get quality video-in-prints from reliable companies like Vpak.

Using quality video clips and video-in-prints can make your message more memorable and also peak curiosity and grab the attention of the target audience. Business people can use this technique to reach their target audience, develop and grow their business. The following are the primary benefits that your business can get from video marketing:

Increase Your Website Traffic and Make it More Visible

website traffic

Findings show that video content has a greater impact as compared to images or text alone. Watching videos is aesthetically attractive. Many customers will visit your site and hold their concentration for a longer time if it has the quality and engaging videos. In essence, videos have a high magnetizing power that makes many viewers to go a step further to find out who is behind them.

Improve Ranking on Search Engines

Video-in prints can significantly improve the user experience and thus increase the average time spent on your pages. Business people should use this technique to complement their traditional strategies and metrics like link building. Findings show that placing quality, well-optimized videos on the landing pages can increase your web traffic by 157%. This will, in turn, increase your website rankings on search engines like Google.

Increase Sales and Conversion Rates

The use of video clips and video-in-prints will prompt more customers to investigate your products and brands, most of them will end up buying some of the products and thus increase your sales. Video markers can increase their sales by using quality and engaging videos. Findings show that 85% of the customers are likely to buy the product shown after watching or product videos.

Increase Engagement on Social Media

social media platformsMost people spend a considerable amount of time on social media platforms. Video media is attractive and engaging in nature. The apps used to play video have advanced features like auto-play that enables people to watch engaging videos several times. Statistics show that YouTube and Facebook Live have more and longer viewing times than traditional pre-recorded videos. Using quality videos is an effective way of enhancing your social media engagement.

Ensure High Returns on Investment

Video marketing exhibits a high return on investment. Marketing professionals have been using video content to grow their revenue. Consistent and rigorous investments should make use of videos that yield ROI. These include long tutorials, animation-type videos, Video-in prints, and video adverts.…

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How to Reduce Money Wastage on Google Ads

Reducing wastage on Google ads is one the best ways of optimizing your your Goo gel ads account and saving money.

Google Ads Wasted on Link Error Checker


It would help if you did not spend Google Ads on error pages by clicking through the site to reduce wastage on Google Ads. It can only be accomplished by looking at every URL accounts carefully to check if there is an error. In case of an error, specify the URL account entity to be checked. The accounts entity includes video URL, keyword URL, display Ads URL, and search Ads URL.

Google Ads Wasted on Display Campaigns

The display campaign should only run using performing Ads. The under performing Ads that are below the target should be paused or deleted to reduce wastage on Google Ads.
You start by conversing volume or CPA into metric. In case the display group only has one active and is giving an alert, then you are allowed to add another creative testing.

For you to determine the less performing Ads, you start by grouping all the display Ads that were selected to run on the display campaigns by names. The display chosen Ads includes expanding text ADS, multiple, single and image Gmail Ads, templates and image Ads and rich media Ads. All the Google Ads that prove less performance paused or deleted are sent through email to a nominated email address.

Google Ads Wasted on Videos Campaigns

The Google Ads running on video should prove excellent performance. In case of any underperforming Ads, they can be determined by viewing through the volume to come up with alerts. If the process is not giving result, then another compound test is performed.

You only work with in-stream Ads that are true view. The process will display Ads video and bumper Aids. The remaining less performing Ads paused or deleted are sent to nominated addresses through email.

Google Ads Wasted on Shopping Campaigns

You are required to ensure that your shopping campaign is running with the best performing Google Ads. If the shopping campaign has under performing Google ads that are below target, you can determine them by Conversing CPA or volume into metric.

If you need to provide an alert that indicates one Ad on shopping groups, you can perform another test by running a script of all shopping campaigns .you will select them based on names and the best performing shopping Ads such as showcase ads and product ads. After analyzing all the ads with less performance, both paused and deleted send them to the nominated email. You can update and perform this procedure on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure you have reduced wastage on Google Ads.

Google Ads Wasted on the Campaign Search

The search campaign should run on performing. It helps in reducing wastage on Google Ads. There are different processes used to determine the less performing Ads. To know Ads that perform below the target with poor performance on campaign search, you can converse the volume into a metric conversion on Ads that do not perform.

You can also run a script on all campaigns ads or those selected, such as dynamic ads, standard text ads, search ads, call only search ads, or expandable dynamic ads. After identifying the ads with less performance on campaign search, you send them to nominated email through email, whether deleted or paused.…


Make Millions Using Sales as the Cornerstone of Your Internet Business

Any interested person in business should know that sales are vital to business success. Therefore, the concentration for the budding entrepreneur should focus on ways to make sales. The revenues of the business will not grow without sales. The idea of a sales funnel is to illustrate the process of getting so many options and leads in the relationship formed with customers and using them to channel customers into making purchase decisions. You start with a big population target and narrow down to find suitable persons or other businesses to purchase from you.


The Psychology of Sales

Sales start from the concept of desire. A person desires to get something. Without this desire to purchase, the seller will have no basis of selling to the customer. The second issue is the pain versus the reward of purchase. The pain is the inconvenience someone has to go through to get to the item. The best business will have sales copy, landing pages, email headlines that help people to consider ways a product will save them from pain, and the way it will offer benefits.

Use All the Stages of Sales

You have to use the psychology of sales at all stages of the sales funnel. There is customer acquisition, the relationship building, and the checkout process. You should keep using emails showing the pain you remove and the benefits you offer to your clients. Direct customers to your landing pages, so that they see testimonials showing what you mean by benefits, and the value addition you provide. Go on to give them a compelling headline for advertisements, and newsletters. Make messages precise and easy to follow.


seo descriptionMake Your Sales Process a Story

Personify your business by telling stories to your clients. Use emails, newsletters, blogs, and your landing pages to give a story of value addition that will end up building your brand. You want all prospects to develop positive associations with your brand, which might compel them to buy from you in the future. Remember, you are capturing their attention at different points of engagement, including in your social media pages. You need the right comprehensive software to let you tell stories that convert into sales. You might want to check out Kartra pricing at


Create Urgency in the Customer’s Mind

The Katra business tool should give you all the necessary resources for building your sales story. However, you also need to know the motivation behind some techniques. One of the most important things to d as a seller would be to create a sense of urgency on the buyer’s side. Make them want to purchase right now. You can offer timed discounts, while also telling them about the limited availability of a particular option. You should use scarcity and urgency as motivational instruments to enhance sales by making your stories all about benefits while also telling customers they stand to lose those benefits by not acting fast.


Focus on the Long Tail

Think of the relationship with your customers as a long term thing. Someone reading your emails today might need the product in a few months time. You want them to remember your brand and come back to your site for the purchase.…

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Top Local SEO Strategies for Small Business Owners

As a result of the recent Google’s mobile-first index, local SEO is now more important than ever. However, many businesses are not aware of how they can optimize their websites to rank higher in the search engine results. You should note that the local market is quite important to you. It does not matter your type of industry you are operating because they will definitely need your services.

It is not feasible for a homeowner to hire a renovation contractor that is five states away or work with a law firm that is not familiar with the local laws. According to, the truth is that local businesses are now becoming more popular as compared to the retail giants. These are the local SEO strategies you should give a try.

Get On Google My Business

seo analyticsThis is far and an important way of boosting your business ranking in local SEO results. When you finish registering the company, you should claim your Google My Business Page. If you do not claim your listing, your rival businesses will do. This will be disastrous to you if they fill it with glowing reviews. Whenever a potential customer is on the go, they will type in the products and services that they need. There is a need to optimize your listing for SEO.

Highlight Customer Reviews

This is another vital part of the local SEO strategy. You need to ensure that your site and all internet listings contain a lot of reviews from past customers. In this competitive world, relying on word of mouth is not enough. The recent studies show that over 90% of shoppers rely on what other people are saying about the product or brand. Also, they consider reviews as personal recommendations from the people they trust.

Include a Google Map

seo strategyClaiming your position on Google My Business listing is a good step. However, this alone will not put you ahead of the competition. You need to fill your contact page and embed a Google Map. This can help your business to show up sooner in the local search results. It will also make it quite easier for local consumers to find out where you are located. If you are serious about local SEO, you need to include a Google map on each page of your website.

Target Location-Based Keywords

You understand that optimizing your website content for search engines is vital. You need to use keywords that your customers are searching. Always, include your geolocation in the content.…

Is a Professional Web Design Necessary?

Online businesses are the future of the business world. We cannot talk about creating and running online companies without talking about websites. A website is like your front office. It is the place where you introduce yourself to potential customers.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand the importance of a website. A website can transform your business in more ways than you can imagine. If you want to create your online business, make sure that you get the services of a web design company.

Make Your Business Look Professional

If you want your business to look professional, the first step is to get a professional looking website. Clients can always differentiate a company that has taken an effort in their web design and one that has not. When dealing with clients, you need to make sure that your image is always positive.

You can create a realistic look for your business by making sure that you get a professional company. If you are concerned about making a professional website, your clients will also assume that you are serious in your business.

web design

Better Customer Engagement

The primary role of a website is client engagement. You need to make sure that your clients can learn more about your business through participation.

A professional website will always create better user engagement. It will be possible for clients to find what they are looking for at the right time. Web designers have the skills and experience needed to create an interactive web design.

Good for SEO

SEO is everything when it comes to online businesses. You need to make sure that you remain competitive when running a business. It is possible to stay competitive by having a website that has been created by a professional.

A professional website is likely to respond better to SEO than other sites. If you want a website to respond to SEO and other forms of internet marketing, make sure that is created by professional web design.

web design

Good for Branding

According to research, branding is the best way to grow your business. Studies have even shown that creating a strong brand is even more important than marketing.

You need to make sure that you first create a strong brand before you start marketing. Creating a professional web design is the first step of creating a brand for your business.…

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Top 4 Benefits of Digital Marketing

It is now true that the world of marketing is changing from traditional marketing to internet marketing. Most of these changes are seen due to the benefits that come along with digital marketing. Apart from that, digital marketing is growing in popularity due to its effectiveness at engaging different clients and also it later lead them through accessible means.

If you are planning to start your business, one of the top secrets is to consider starting an online business.

Marketing is concerned with connecting with your customers at the recommended place and time. Since we live in a digital world, it is easier for most online entrepreneurs to communicate with a lot of customers online due to the availability of digital platforms. In other words, through digital marketing, you can achieve your business objectives quickly. Here are the best reasons why you need to shift to digital marketing.


The traditional marketing has been generic. However, these days, most of the customers are more interested in a customized and personalized journey for satisfying their needs. Due to these facts, you will find digital marketing essential because it enables you to use your interests and preferences to reach out to your target customers.

online marketingWith internet marketing, you can also tailor different messages for various groups of customers, and this is the most natural way you can receive a lot of customers quickly.

Reach a Bigger Audience

One of the main objectives of business owners is to reach out to a bigger audience. Therefore, this aim or goal can be quickly achieved with if you try digital marketing. You can get access to many people by using most of the internet marketing methods.

Easy to Optimize

Digital marketing enables both the customers and owners to pinpoint some of the areas that need to be changed. As an entrepreneur, this gives an opportunity to socialize with them and know some of the services you need to improve to satisfy their needs.

Measurable Results

One of the primary reasons why digital marketing has succeeded in surpassing the traditional marketing is the fact that it provides measurable results. When you opt for internet marketing, you can quickly get stable and reliable reports that show you how many people checked your business website.…

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Four Traits of an Excellent Seo Company

Choosing an SEO company to help your business achieve its short term and long term goals should not be a challenge. However, this is not the case. The principal reason is that you will come across numerous service providers all claiming to be the best in the industry.

That aside, its worth noting that not all SEO firms are created equal. You have to take your time to carefully weed through to find an expert that will meet all your requirements. Discussed below are some traits that you should keep in mind when hunting for an SEO service to take your business to the next level.


For an SEO service provider to be the best in their field they must have vast experience across the various aspects of SEO. The primary reason is that internet users are spending more time browsing, accessing content and expounding on ideas on multiple platforms. For this reason, you should go for a company that has lots of experience when it comes to generating leads and boosting sales online. Furthermore, the firm should have experience in offering other services like web design, email marketing, social media marketing to mention a few.

rating of seo

Focus on Broadening Knowledge

The SEO industry is dynamic. This means that the techniques used to rank websites at the top of search engine results keep changing from time to time. The fact is that if an SEO service provider using old techniques won’t help you to get the ranking that you want.

If you’re going to ensure that you stand out from the crowd go for an SEO professional that continually works to use new trends to rank your website higher and direct more traffic towards it. Without any doubt, an excellent SEO service provider will invest more time in mastering the new techniques to take your business to the next level without much struggle.

Emphasis on User Experience

No matter the strategies the SEO agency that you have chosen is using to promote your business, they should always emphasize on offering improved user experience. Whether designing your website, creating social media campaigns or writing blogs, the service provider should focus on providing a memorable user experience. After all all you are employing an SEO service to impress the end users who are your clients.

fast way to get good data


If you want to carry out a successful SEO campaign, then you must keep a close eye on the data that you collect. An exceptional agency will start by doing out a thorough audit before coming up with the strategies that they think will work. Even after employing the strategies the expert will track and measure the success rates of the strategy. If they realize that a certain technique is not working as effectively as they anticipated they might tweak it to get better results.

The choice of SEO service is vital than most think. If you form a collaboration with a master in the industry, then you will stand head and shoulder tall over all your bitter rivals. On the flip side, if you partner with a mediocre service provider, you will drain your financial resources and waster your precious time.…


Top Benefits of Hiring the Right SEO Agency

It is essential to understand that Search Engine Optimization offers many strategies that will help to increase the visibility of a website mainly in search engine results. Therefore, without the help of an SEO agency, you will not be able to receive the best results you need. That is why, before you create your website, you need to look for the best SEO agency to help you in achieving your business goals. Conduct your research and know some of the tips to put into an account.

Due to the advance in the technology sector, it is crucial to understand that the internet has become part of the business. This is because most of the entrepreneurs have considered online businesses because they are very easy to start and even manage. With the help of an updated business website, you can run and control your business. However, if you face some challenges when selecting your agency, you can use the internet since it is one of the best sources that can provide you with the best information you need to know concerning SEO services.

Reasons you need to hire an SEO agency.

Increased online rankings

olikuytrdsxcvbnWhen you are running an online business, it is important to note that search engine optimization will help you to get the best rankings. This is very important because some individuals opt for some web pages that are seen on the first page of their browser. That is why you need an SEO agency because they have skills that they will use to ensure that they have increased your online rankings.

Improved visibility online

Some business owners opt for appealing and wonderful websites. However, these wonderful websites cannot benefit your business if some of the clients cannot trace it. That is why an SEO expert will ensure that your business web pages are visible. Also, some of these agencies will broaden the awareness in the community, and this will make your online reputation better.

Provides a wide-ranging service

loliuytresdxcvbnkAfter you have hired an experienced SEO agency, be assured that you will receive a range of services that will help you to meet the needs of your customers. It is important also to note that many different SEO companies offer various services. Therefore, go through the list of services they provide before you make your final decision.…

internet marketing

Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners

Internet marketing is no longer a myth in the modern day. Selling and buying online is a common thing. For business people online, it is important to come up with a technique that will make it possible to get potential customers.

Marketing over the internet is not as easy as many people think. It takes time, effort and skills before you can get the sales that you have always wanted. All you need is to learn some basic skills that will help you internet marketing:

Professional website

We cannot talk about internet marketing without talking about a professional website. It is important to have a professional website that will reflect the kind of business that you do. For instance, if you sell products online, then it is advisable to have a good e-commerce site.

On the other hand, if you offer services, your website should have all that you need to showcase your services to potential clients. Your website should be well designed with all the information that potential clients might need. Your website is the most important tool in internet marketing. It should be a tool that reflects the kind of business that you operate.


Create an e-mail list

E-mail marketing is also an important method of internet marketing. You can use e-mail to advertise to your already established customers. The role of an e-mail list is to remind your customers about new products and also give those discounts and offers. However, it is important to make sure that you do not spam your clients’ inbox with unwanted e-mails.

Social media

Considering social media for internet marketing is important. The use of social media is the most important factor for internet marketing. Social media is a powerful tool because of the many people that visit social media sites every day.

social media marketingWhen it comes to using social media, you just need to identify the best platform for your needs. The most common sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and pin interest. Instagram is the best when it comes to presenting ideas through photography and pictures.


Search engine optimization is a big part of internet marketing. The benefit of search engine optimization is to make your website rank on the first page of the search engine. For SEO services, you need to look for a seo expert. The seo expert will use various techniques for your business to reach more customers and potential clients.…

web design

Reasons to Consider Professional Web Design

Professional web design is the best way to upgrade your online business. When operating an online business, you need to remember that your website is your front office. You need to have a professional website for people to take you seriously.

When you take time and hire a professional for web design, your clients and potential clients will take you seriously. Get a professional web design is the basic step towards growing your online business. Here are reasons to get a professional web design:

User-friendly site

One of the reasons why many people decide to look for professional web design is for performance purposes. When you get a user professional website, it will be easy to achieve a user-friendly site. There are a lot of advantages of having a user-friendly site.web design

With a site that is easy to access, your customers will take the least amount of time to find whatever they are looking for. A site that is difficult to use is not the best, especially when trying to get and keep clients. You need to look for a site and will promote user interaction.


Designing a professional website is good for aesthetic purposes. You need to design a website that will look appealing to the eyes. Web designers have a way of making the website appealing. They do it by using color effects and also the use of interesting templates. When your website looks appealing, people will be attracted to looking at what you are offering.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a good reason to consider getting a professional web design. When you get a professional design, your website will be able to rank better in the search engine.

Websites that appear on the first page of the search engine all have professional looking websites. It is impossible to start talking about SEO without first talking about making your website professional.

web design

Online branding

Online branding is important when trying to grow your brand online. You need to make sure that you build a strong online presence so that people can talk and share information about your brand.

A big part of building a strong online presence is creating a professional website. Always get the services a professional web designer to build your website. Online branding will help you grow your business and at the same time it will help get more customers for your business.…